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Miami cafe with 44 violations ordered shut

Miami cafe with 44 violations ordered shut

Beneath is a listing of spots requested shut by inspectors with the Florida Office of Company and Expert Regulation last week.

As of this publication, Flavor Sushi and Wayback Burgers have not but been authorized to re-open up.

All the other sites outlined ended up allowed to re-open up adhering to an ordered clear-up and re-inspection.

No areas in Monroe County were purchased shut previous 7 days.


11302 SW 186TH Road


Purchased SHUT 2/7/22

44 VIOLATIONS Observed

“Roach action existing as evidenced by live roaches uncovered. Noticed 50 + stay roaches between the arrive at in cooler and the steam desk Found in the cook dinner line place. Also observed 10 + stay roaches close to 3 compartment sink crawling on the shelves.”

“Dead roaches on premises. Noticed 1 lifeless roach beneath the shelf above reach in cooler situated in entrance of the cook dinner line.”

“Food positioned in dirty container/tools. Observed buckets dirty with rice sugar and flour.”


“Food-get hold of surfaces not sanitized right after cleaning, just before use. Do not use machines/utensils not properly sanitized. Observed worker washing dishes with out utilizing sanitizer.”

“Nonfood-grade containers applied for foodstuff storage – immediate get hold of with foodstuff. Observed a plastic gallon with the bottom slash off use to scoop rice. Also noticed cardboard packing containers applied a meals container.”

“Raw animal food items stored more than or with all set-to-take in meals in a freezer – not all merchandise commercially packaged. Noticed uncooked hen previously mentioned pork wanton inside the freezer.”

“Raw animal foods saved above/not appropriately separated from ready-to-eat foodstuff. Observed raw eggs about packaged soy sauce.”

“Shell eggs in use or saved with cracks or damaged shells. See prevent sale. Observed an egg crack in the walk in cooler. The operator discarded it.”

“Time/temperature handle for protection meals cold held at higher than 41 levels Fahrenheit. Observed bean sprouts (80 F – Chilly Keeping) garlic in oil (86 F – Cold Keeping) just set in the kitchen near to the cook dinner line ( much less than 4 hrs as for each operator). Operator positioned the food stuff inside the access in cooler.”


“Employee has not received enough education related to their assigned obligations as evidenced by lack of typical expertise in doing their assigned responsibilities. Noticed worker washing dishes without the need of finishing the sanitizing phase.”

“Food staying cooled by non-authorized system as evidenced by insufficient price of cooling for the duration of time of inspection. Noticed chicken at 117 f cooling at area temperature in the kitchen, as per operator the chicken was cooked 40 minutes back. Hen was moved to the wander in cooler quickly.”

“Food-get in touch with surface area soiled with food particles, mildew-like compound or slime. Observed the microwave dirty.”

“Clean utensils or gear stored in filthy drawer or rack. Noticed clear dishes on soiled shelving in ware clean region.”

“Employee private food not effectively determined and segregated from food to be served to the public. Noticed staff soda cans about food items in stroll in cooler. Observed raw duck in the kitchen location.”


“Equipment and utensils not washed, rinsed and sanitized in the appropriate buy in three-compartment sink. Do not use dishes/products not properly sanitized. Observed staff washed , rinsed but in no way sanitized.”

“Floor not cleaned when the minimum sum of foodstuff is uncovered. Observed flooring dirty with grease beneath cooking equipment.”

“Food saved on ground. Observed several 5 gallon containers on the floor. Observed containers on the floor with rooster wings getting dumped into the containers.”

***WILL’S CAFE CREOLE Restaurant

5460 NORTH State Highway 7


Requested SHUT 2/10/22

17 VIOLATIONS Discovered

ALSO Requested SHUT 11/16/20

“Roach activity current as evidenced by live roaches found. Principal kitchen area at 3 compartment sink- observed 1 dwell roach crawling on the floor. Entrance counter cupboard and attain in cooler- observed 2 reside roach crawling inside of cupboards. Entrance counter- observed 1 live roach crawling on the flooring at counter. Eating region- observed 2 stay roaches crawling on dining place floor.”


“Food geared up in a private house. See end sale. Entrance counter- observed container of cashews, peanuts, bread, fried chips, sesame pies remaining built from property.”

“Cooked/heated time/temperature management for security foodstuff not cooled from 135 levels Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit within 6 several hours. Eating area achieve in cooler- observed container of pork 50-52°F. Operator mentioned products was positioned within cooler 11:00p.m.”

“Stop Sale issued due to meals originating from an unapproved resource. Entrance counter-Noticed bottles of kremas juice with no warning label and from unapproved source.”

“Wall soiled with amassed grease, food debris, and/or dust. Principal kitchen wall at cook dinner line- noticed entire wall Dirty.”


3118 SOUTH University Generate


Ordered SHUT 2/10/22


“Roach activity existing as evidenced by are living roaches identified. Observed 10 beneath stove at prepare dinner line, under arrive at in freezers and coolers in the kitchen, less than prep table at cook line.”


“Dead roaches on premises. Observed approximately 25 on the ground under dry storage shelf, three compartment sink among and underneath attain in freezers and coolers, below stove at prepare dinner line in the kitchen area, on the floor at the entrance counter.”

“Food-get hold of surface soiled with food items particles, mould-like substance or slime. Noticed foods storage shelves dirty with food debris.”

“Stop Sale issued on time/temperature management for safety meals thanks to temperature abuse. Beverage Air 3 door cooler- sausage, beef franks, gravy, ham, cooked spinach, turkey sausage, chicken soup,diced cooked potatoes, assortment of cheese- 46-65. Time/temperature manage for safety foodstuff chilly held at higher than 41 levels Fahrenheit. **Repeat Violation**.”

“Raw animal meals stored around/not correctly divided from ready-to-take in food stuff. Noticed uncooked packaged floor beef saved above open up deal of shredded cheese, and box of uncooked rooster more than open box of cooked sausage in reach in freezer. Repeat Violation.”


“Ready-to-eat, time/temperature control for basic safety food marked with a date that exceeds 7 days after opening/preparation. Noticed hen soup, gravy, cooked on prior working day with out day marking.”

“Time/temperature manage for safety foods chilly held at higher than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Beverage Air a few doorway cooler- sausage, beef franks, gravy, ham, cooked spinach, turkey sausage, hen soup,diced cooked potatoes, wide variety of cheese- 46-65. Observed raw hen wings on prep table in the kitchen at 65°F. Operator stored uncooked chicken wings in access in cooler. Repeat Violation.”

“Toxic material/chemical improperly stored. Observed can of Traveling Insect Killer saved on top of reach in cooler.”

“Water draining on to floor surface. Observed plumbing in disrepair and water draining on the floor at hand wash sink upcoming to a few compartment sink.”

“No evidence of required point out approved employee education provided for any staff.”



4690 NORTH Condition Highway 7


Ordered SHUT 2/10/22


ALSO Purchased SHUT 11/20/21

“Live, small traveling insects in kitchen area, foods preparation space, foods storage location and/or bar area. -Observed around 100 live flying insects landing on baggage made up of onions in prep place. -Observed close to 15 reside traveling insects landing on box made up of raw floor beef at 3 compartment sink. -Noticed 2 dwell traveling insects landing on slash tomatoes in flip top reach in cooler. See prevent sale. -Noticed roughly 10 reside traveling insects landing on cleanse prep tables at cook line. Repeat Violation.”

“Dead roaches on premises. -Noticed 1 lifeless roach in cupboard underneath Coca-Cola drinks machine. Notice: Coca-Cola beverages device are situated in eating place.”

“Food contaminated by reside traveling insects. Noticed are living flying insects landing on lower tomatoes at flip major cooler.”


“Operating with an expired Division of Resorts and Dining establishments license. Repeat Violation.”

“Stop Sale issued on time/temperature regulate for safety food stuff because of to temperature abuse. Time/temperature control for protection food stuff chilly held at higher than 41 levels Fahrenheit. -Noticed raw rooster cold held at 48 degrees Fahrenheit in Avantco Fridge. Per operator , uncooked rooster has been stored in claimed device from 02/08/2022.”

“Food stored on floor. -Observed numerous food items goods saved on dry storage ground. -Observed various food items saved on walk in freezer floor. Repeat Violation.”

“Plumbing method in disrepair. -Noticed plumbing process at hand clean sink at entrance line in disrepair. Repeat Violation.”

“Proof of essential point out permitted staff education not obtainable for some personnel.”


1025 WEST State Street 84


Requested SHUT 2/7/22

3 VIOLATIONS Discovered


“Temporary interruption – no alternate supply of h2o provided. Damaged pipe exterior of institution, noticed no warm/ chilly water supply by Entrance counter HWS Triple sink HWS following to triple sink Kitchen area HWS Employee’s HWS.”

“Manager or individual in demand missing proof of foodstuff manager certification.”

“Operating with an expired Division of Hotels and Restaurants license. December 1, 2021.”




Requested SHUT 2/8/22

5 VIOLATIONS Identified

“Roach action existing as evidenced by reside roaches discovered. 2 live roaches in kitchen underneath rice cooker in prep location. 4 reside roaches in kitchen area beneath double door stainless attain in cooler. 1 reside roach in kitchen below prep table with rice cooker.”

“Dead roaches on premises. Somewhere around 10 lifeless roaches in kitchen less than prep table with rice cooker. Approximately 4 lifeless roaches in kitchen underneath double doorway stainless get to in cooler.”


“Nonexempt fish offered raw or undercooked has not undergone proper parasite destruction. Fish ought to be thoroughly cooked or discarded. Fresh raw salmon for sushi no parasite destruction/feed letter.”

“Raw animal food stuff stored above or with unwashed produce. At double doorway arrive at in cooler, raw pork saved previously mentioned unwashed lemons and scallions. Operator moved pork to reduced shelf.”

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